Here we go, again

Welcome to my journey to Israel in 2008 as part of the Innovation Israel Mission. This is a follow up to my personal journey to Israel in 2006

For the past year I have been working with the San Francisco Consulate Office to help organize a unique mission of bloggers, podcasters and new media people from the SF Bay Area to meet with top Israeli innovators and tech people. We recruited some of the most well-known and respected people in the blogishere. Together, the ten of us will be a roving narrowcast through Israel from the evening of April 12 through the evening of April 17. We will be linking to each other at the site, so you can see what each of us is writing, mostly in real time as it happens. During this week there will be occasions when we are all in the same place with the same speaker and other times (such as the Marker Conference on April 13) when we will be dispersed among 2000 conference attendees.

This journey would not have been possible without the support and inspiration of some extraordinary people.

My wife Ilene Serlin. We recently married and our meeting was a direct result of my trip to Israel in 2006 (she arrived in Israel right after I left). If you are curious about our story check out our wedding website . Ilene encouraged my efforts and is accompanying me on this trip. She will be my companion as we explore Israel together through our meetings with tech professionals and other Israelis in multiple fields including psychology (her field).

My mentor and close friend Ron Berman. Ron introduced me to volunteer our marketing skills for the Jewish Community in 1981 and we have been supporting each other’s efforts in the non-profit world ever since. In 1989 the two of us journeyed to the ex-Soviet Union, Hungary, and Israel. We were commissioned by UJA to develop the advertising campaign to raise funds for Operation Exodus that resulted in the rescue, rehabilitation, and renewal of 1 million Jews to Israel and the US. This trip to Israel in 2008 is inspired by Ron’s lifetime of work for many causes. May everyone be blessed with mentors and friends as I have been.

The San Francisco Israel Consulate General (part of the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs) David Akov and Ishmael Khaldi. Davidi and Ish took our idea and made it a reality through their efforts with the government in Israel, who is hosting us. We are indebted to their dedication and boldness to innovate a trip that has not been underwritten by the Israeli government before—to host bloggers in the new media to write whatever they wish about the Israeli innovators they will meet. Ish will accompany our group through the week in Israel.

My colleague Brad Redderson. Brad has been my full partner in working to bring the trip to fruition. He has been a great support to the Consul both in his guidance and his dependable action to make the trip work. You can listen to his podcasts of the trip on

There are many Israelis who have prepared the way for us. They are hosting, meeting, and socializing with the group to lift the curtain for us—and through our posts and podcasts to you— on Israel innovation and innovators.

Looking forward to the journey.


13 Responses to “Here we go, again”

  1. Ron Berman Says:

    Which Ron Berman are you talking about.

    Yes, that trip was an experience of a lifetime.

    L’hitraot and love to Ilene


  2. Leni Says:

    You are my love!!!!!


  3. dave davison Says:

    Jeff – i will be following your Israel Innovation posts – best of luck

  4. bill daul Says:

    Bring me a piece of the Wailing Wall…and I hope all of you have a great time.

  5. David Saperstein Says:

    Have a great trip Dad!

  6. Sherman Rosenfeld Says:

    Welcome to Israel, Jeff and Serlin!

    We hope to link up with the two of you, somehow, during the coming week.
    Maybe at The Marker conference on Sunday. If was nice spending
    time together with Jeff and hosting his vist at the Weizmann Institute, during his 2006 visit. Mazal tov to both of you on your recent wedding!
    Way you enjoy many wonderful adventures together …

    Shabbat shalom,

    Sherman (and Melodie) Rosenfeld
    Home phone: 08-9492332
    Cellphone: 0507-536-239

  7. Sherman Rosenfeld Says:

    Whoops! I should have written “Ilene” instead of “Serlin” in my earlier posting. Sorry, Ilene. Serlin sounded like such a cool first-name ….

    Again, Shabbat Shalom,


  8. Bernie Says:

    How many Ron Bermans can there be?
    OK, Jeff, let us know how things are and how your trip goeth – B

  9. Paul Says:

    Dear Ilene and Jeff,

    Enjoy The Land for me too! Along with Bernie, I will be curious “how your trip goeth.”


    Paul and all the Bonaparts

  10. Barbara Serlin Says:

    So glad you have each other to share life’s adventures…

  11. Jack Wakshlag Says:

    Wonderful to have you going again. Can’t wait to see you and Ilene next month.

  12. Rick Says:

    Hi Jeff,

    I am imagining the Jewish Indiana Jones trekking to places only a few Bedouins have traveled. I would love to have your tan, wide brimmed hat upon your return, unless you plan to auction it on E-Bay upon your return.

    Take good care,

  13. Robin Says:

    Have a wonderful trip – looking forward to reading your blog

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