Who are the Traveling Geeks?

Arrived in Tel Aviv early morning April 11 and spent day resting, walking on the beach, and strolling through the large open market. Shouting vendors, shoving shoppers all crowded in stalls with aromatic spices in large sacks, fresh vegetables in bins, halvah for the slicing—Tel Aviv in its glory!

For Erev Shabbat, Ilene and I went to R’anana (suburb of Tel Aviv) and participated in a spirited Orthodox service—men and women singing, dancing, and praying with joy. After we were hosted for dinner by Ilene’s friends Sam and Diana Schwartz, who schmoozed with us until midnight. Lots of political talk—in brief, Iran danger looms great and colors how people here view the US elections. More in later posts about the mood of Israelis after I have listened to a few more thoughtful people.

We await the arrival of our group—self-identified as the traveling geeks. For those who may not know, “geek” is a self-effacing, affectionate term for a technology enthusiast. The dark side of “geekiness” is that many do not have much of a life outside of the internet and the virtual communities cohabited on line. Our itinerary combines technology presentations, mixing with Israeli techies, bloggers (their geeks meet our geeks) and tours so we don’t confuse virtual reality with Israeli reality.

Our group is a colorful mixture of men and women, Jews and Gentiles, young and old (me), veteran and first-time Israeli visitors. Each knows several others, but we have not been together as a group before this trip. Know there will be a lot of conversation among us as we share perspectives and experiences in our journey and post them for you.

To see who we are and what others are posting please check out our new, informal website



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