Seambiotic—Algeaic Solution for Biodiesel Fuel

Imagine algae so thick you can not see your hand six inches from the surface of the water. At Seambiotic (check out the article on what they are doing in Haaretz) they are pumping CO2 into algae and exposing the algae to the air with water paddles in a low tech method to create high tech biofuel, omega 3 vitamins and other products. (photos to follow)

We visited this pilot project that produces a special algae to be mixed with gasoline or other compounds for new fuel efficiency. US and European oil companies are very interested in the results of this pilot and it may be scaled up to commercial production within a year.

We drove to Ashkelon to see Seambiotic…just in time for a code red alert for a Katyusha or Qassem that fell in the area when we arrived. But to get that story go to Craig Newmark’s blog


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