Zoran and Rambam

Our first site visit was Zoran. They design the chips in Digital Multimedia: leading company in digital cameras, tv, dvd, mobile, printing. Zoran is a worldwide company Europe, Asia, US and Israel; headquartered in Sunnyvale. Showed how Israeli chip development is integrated into globally dominant consumer multimedia industry.

Second stop was Rambam Hospital in Haifa. We heard about how victims in Lebanon War in 2006 were handled with extraordinary caring. Rambam is building a 750 bed underground hospital to handle anticipated casualties for the probable next war—Hezbollah or Iran (heaven forbid).

Interesting factoid: Rambam has Israeli Arab and other non-Jewish doctors in rough proportion to their population percentage in Israel. The patients are not only Israelis but Palestinians from Jenin and even Gaza. During war or peace Rambam exemplifies Israeli pluralism.


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