The Bedouin Village of Khawalid

With great enthusiasm the Traveling Geeks visited Ishmail Khaldi’s family in his home Bedouin village. Ish’s mother and father hosted us with Bedouin coffee (unbelievably strong), cakes, and candies. Ish gave a moving presentation on pluralism in Israel (video link of speech is posted check out Cathy Brooks’ site).

Bedouins are a part of the Israel societal fabric and their loyalty to the State is a living testament to Israeli pluralism. Their house was solidly constructed and the stone locally quarried turns golden in the afternoon light. While Ish was growing up he lived in a tent and was a shepherd. Check out Ish’s life story.

Ish’s parents (photos to be posted) have the weathered faces of people who have worked in the sun. His father worked over 25 years as an agricultural worker for the local Kibbutz. Amazing to see a Hebrew fluent Muslim man wearing a Kefafiyah, yet fully at home to Israel, free to live within the customs and values of his particular heritage. Amazing not because it is exceptional in Israel, but because this is what peace would look like.

My wife Ilene bonded with Ish’s mother and the photos (to be posted) show their affection.

Check out the other posts of the bloggers about the visit to Khawalid. This was clearly one of the most moving and meaningful experiences we have had as a group in Israel.


2 Responses to “The Bedouin Village of Khawalid”

  1. Sandy Wasserman Says:


    I just finished reading A SHEPHERD’S JOURNEY, Ish’s life story. Your own story of your visit to his home and family is very nice. You mention posting photos – have you done it elsewhere since it is not here. (I note that your posting here is several years old.)

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